Discover why your cat needs parasite protection

Lie #1: Indoor cats are never exposed to the outdoors

Even if your cat lives indoors and never leaves your house or apartment, they’re still at risk from parasites. Find out why.

Lie #2: Only dogs get heartworm

Heartworm affects cats as well as dogs. Find out why a single mosquito bite may be deadly.

Lie #3: Litter boxes only contain litter

There may be more than you think living in your cat’s litter box. Find out why cleaning it daily is essential.

Lie #4: The balcony doesn’t count as outside

Where does the inside end and the outside begin? Find out which parts of your home might increase your cat’s risk of parasites.

Lie #5: Fido is the only thing coming through the doggy door

A doggy door can sometimes let in more than you bargained for. Find out what other unwanted guests may be entering your home.

Lie #6: Shoes are safe play toys

Your shoes go with you to all sorts of places. Find out what they might bring back into your home without you knowing.

Lie #7: A cat carrier keeps parasites out

The door on your carrier keeps your cat inside, but it doesn’t stop the outside getting in. Find out what else you may bring home with you.

Lie #8: A little dirt never hurt any cat

Dirt and potting soil can contain parasites. Find out how your cat could get infected.

Lie #9: Grooming is good clean fun

A cat licking and grooming another pet may look cute. Find out why it may actually be a risk for their health.

Treats more than just fleas:

  • Fleas
  • Heartworms
  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Ear mites
  • Lice